2015 – year in review to date

Well… 2015 has been a great year for me – it started off with a bang at the 2014 NYE Fireworks in Dubbo and just gradually got better! I’ll start all the way down in May – and the most awesome birthday ever!

May saw me winging my way up to Coffs Harbour for 10 days – one of those days happened to be my birthday….. I will never forget this birthday for as long as I live! I had booked a Shallow Water Dolphin Experience at Dolphin Marine Magic back at the end of February and notified the person who I had booked it through that it was for my birthday – word got back to Paige and the team who organised something so special and totally unexpected….

I arrived on the day to check in for my Shallow Water Experience after breakfast and picking up my wetsuit – I talked to Paul, the person who I had booked said Experience through and he told me that the staff at the bookings desk had some awesome news for me. I walked up and saw the ladies at the bookings desk and handed them my paperwork – Annie then asked me for my wrists for my wristbands…. I looked at the one on my left wrist and wondered why it was orange instead of purple…. it was only then I was told that my in-water interaction had been upgraded from the Shallow Experience to their top-level Ultimate Dolphin Swim.

Me and Bella – hugging

Double Dolphin Hug with Bucky and Zippy