Sea World Australia – Trainer For A Day

On Tuesday March 21, 2017, I got to do my very first Trainer For A Day experience at Sea World on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I was a little nervous at first but I calmed down when the day started….

The day started with a behind-the-scenes look at one of the shows and meet some of the stars of the show then it was off to Sandy Shores Lagoon to take part in our dolphin swim.

Myself and Huey, a 9 year old male inshore bottlenose dolphin

Then it was back to Seal Harbour where we got to meet some more of Sea World’s amazing seals – my favourite was a Californian Sea Lion named Elvis

We then got to go take a look at the polar bears – what magnificent animals they are! Hudson came over to take a look – Liya was in her night den having something to eat and came over to look at us as well – then it was off to go and have lunch at the end of that section. We met our trainer up near Penguin Point for a look at Dolphin Beach – and a surprise in the mix! We got to see a mother and calf – what a big surprise!

11 year old Jinx and her 3 month old male calf, Dusty. Jinx is a first time mother and has taken to first time motherhood like a pro – Dusty is a little bit of a bossy boots and a trouble maker at times (like all kids)

All in all, a very good day! I have a dream to become a marine mammal trainer and doing this has given my dream a big boost!


Brisbane Holiday – getting more eager

Well, my Brisbane holiday has taken a further step forward as I’ve booked my Sea World Animal Adventure…

Sea World Trainer For A Day Animal Adventure booked…..

I decided on the Trainer for a Day experience as I’ve never done it before – now I am a tad nervous…. I guess it’s official so I need to be nervous

More to come….


Welcome to 2017!

Well – the new year is here at long last! With it, it brings me to some little items of high importance…

Bring on Saturday March 18, 2017!

I will be travelling to Brisbane in March to spend a week relaxing and see this amazing duo from Ireland in concert – this trip will complete the trifecta of capital cities on the east coast of Australia.

I still have a few little things to sort out for this trip – going to visit Sea World on the Gold Coast and do one of their amazing Animal Adventures…. I have not chosen which one as yet as they are all amazing! Then I have to book my flights – will be flying with Jetgo Australia again.

Melbourne – What A City!

Well – my trip to Melbourne has been and gone… what a city! From a solo traveller’s point of view, it has all that you need….

Meeting the penguins at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne has so many different things to do and here’s just a selection of what I did get to do – contact details at the bottom of the post:
1. Chocoholic Tours – a company who delivers the best in chocolate tours and information. Designed to give even the sweetest tooth a chance to try new chocolates and pairings with wine2. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium – see above photo. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is the place to go if you love all things ocean.
3. Melbourne Cricket Ground – you can do a tour and be able to stand on the hallowed turf of the “G” as it is locally known.

Getting to Melbourne: From Dubbo, getting to Melbourne is easy with Jetgo – they offer a service 3 days a week between Dubbo and Essendon return. Pricing is from $247 each way including taxes and charges. Book with Jetgo on 1300328000 or via using the search box on the top of the homepage.

Getting around Melbourne: It’s easy to get around Melbourne as they have quite a vast public transport system. The public transport network is cashless so you will need to get a myki before you travel – myki cards are easily obtainable at any manned railway station or where the myki logo is posted. It costs $6 to get and is valid for 4 years. Fares can vary on where you are in the network – example: it only cost me $2.90 to travel from Flinders Street Station to Watergardens Station on a weekday. Buses are, on average, $3.90 per trip and are capped at $7.80.

Contact details:
Chocoholic Tours – 1300915566
Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium – 1800026576
Melbourne Cricket Ground – MCG Tours – just show up at the “G” and enter through Gate 3


Tracking my upcoming flights!

Fullscreen capture 10082016 170139 main page

For those of you interested in tracking my flights for my upcoming trip to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, here is how to do it:

  1. Go to FlightAware
  2. In the Airline box, search for JETGO Australia (JGO) (then click onto JETGO Australia)
  3. In the Flight # box, type in 40 (for my outbound flight from 8am, 21/8/16) or 43 (for my inbound flight from 11:20am 1/9/16)
  4. Then click on Track or press Enter

That’s all there is to it!

Embraer ERJ-135LR – early impressions

Embraer ERJ-135LR VH-JZG
Jetgo Australia Embraer ERJ-135LR VH-JZG

The Embraer ERJ-135LR regional jet is one very unique bird! It’s the only RJ able to land at and take off from Dubbo City Regional Airport in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. It’s a smaller RJ with a 36 seat seating capacity but fits into the confines of the Bombardier Q300/400 and Saab 340 turboprops – I can’t wait to fly on this big bird in August!

Disclaimer: My early impressions of the ERJ-135LR are only what I am seeing – use this info at your discretion! A more in-depth review will come after I get back…..

Travel Plans and Booking Flights

Having never booked my own flights before, I was a tad apprehensive when I booked my flights to Melbourne…. but I need not have worried! And here is why….

Booking your own flights is not as bad as it sounds – the ease of which the folks at JETGO make it is a mind easer. All you need to do is select your departure and arrival destinations and dates of flying and go through the booking process providing information as they request it….

JETGO Header page
JETGO Flight Bookings Search Engine

I am flying from Dubbo to Melbourne (Avalon) as a round trip (automatically set as default) and wasn’t flexible with dates so I typed Dubbo into the From box and Melbourne (Avalon) into the To box – the Depart date was 21/8/16 and Return On date was 1/9/16 and 1 adult (12+). Then you go through each section providing information such as passenger details, a contact number and email address (email address is a mandatory field as JETGO uses this email address to forward you your itinerary and E-Ticket) and credit card details for payment. They then confirm your payment and itinerary – you can print off the basic information on the final Confirmation screen as proof of payment.

That’s all there is to it – if you don’t want (or like) to book online, you do have an alternate option. That option is to ring JETGO’s central reservations hotline on 1300328000 within Australia (+61 1300328000 outside Australia)

Stories from my travels: Part 1

I have some seriously funny stories I would love to share from my travels….

This story is from my first trip to Coffs Harbour in 2012 – I was on my way home from Sydney after an almost 6 hour layover. I fly Qantas/Qantaslink and they don’t have their Bombardier Dash-8 turboprops where they have the jets – the turboprops are in an entirely different section of the airport. Anyway – Qantaslink had just called our flight (QF2048) for boarding so we had to leave the terminal through gate 58 (this was back when Qantaslink was in terminal 2). We then had to walk down to a waiting bus which took us around to the plane – I was already on board the bus so I watched to see who was coming. Little was I to know my boss, Roger Fletcher, was going to share the same flight home with me….. I realised I had to be on my best behaviour for this flight! He boarded the bus and I had a spare seat next to me so I offered it to him – we got talking and I showed him the photo from my dolphin experience at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour. An hour and a quarter later, we were back on home soil at Dubbo Airport. That was a weird experience and one I’ll never forget

Dolphin Marine Magic Videos 2015

Thanks to the powers that are the National Broadband Network, I have finally been able to upload the videos that I received for my birthday last year – and here they are:

Ultimate Dolphin Swim Part 1:

Ultimate Dolphin Swim Part 2:

Ultimate Dolphin Swim Part 3:

Ultimate Dolphin Swim Part 4:

Seal Swim:

Of course, I can’t have this without this photo:

Me and Bella – hugging