A review of the Great Whites 220mm 18 diode round LED driving lights

Great Whites 220mm 18 diode round LED driving lights in action…. Denning Decker TV5580

I recently had the opportunity to see a set of Great Whites 220mm round 18 diode LED driving lights in action – to say I’m really impressed is an absolutely true understatement! I truly like how quick these lights start up – almost instantaneously unlike a HID light which takes time to start…. another plus with these is that they use relatively little power on the circuit so they will not flatten your battery/ies if your alternator decides to cark it!

The light emitted from these is a crisp, white light which virtually mimics daylight – this allows you to see a wider view of any animals on the side of the road and can take appropriate action where possible as evidenced on this trip…

I would highly recommend these lights as they are the best! They may not be cheap (at $660 including GST per light – see Great Whites 18 LED Wide Angle Round Light for more info) but the extra initial expense gives you added safety!

Truckright Industry Vehicle – a road safety initiative from Rod Hannifey and Rod Pilon

I’d like to profile the Truckright Industry Vehicle, a initiative of Rod Hannifey and Rod Pilon Transport, both of Dubbo, NSW, Australia. The aim of the TIV is to make other motorists aware of the trucks around them…. here are a few videos of the TIV:

TIV Video 1:

TIV Video 2:

TIV Video 3:

Preview of the TIV from Howard Shanks from Australian Roadtrains in Action:

Technology in the TIV is as follows:
1. Clean Euro V Cummins ISX engine
2. Eaton Ultrashift Plus Automated manual transmission
3. ABS, EBS, FUPS, Kenworth EBSS (incorporating ESP, ATC and ACB)
4. Road monitoring equipment (uses transducers on the truck’s rear airbag suspension to send data to a computer terminal in the cab which Rod can then have downloaded to send to relevant road authorities in the state/territory of travel)
5. Aerodynamic vortex generators (or AirTabs – improves fuel efficiency)
6. Groeneveld Automatic greaser
7. Tyre pressure monitoring system (incorporating temperature monitoring)
8. On-board load scales
9. Front and rear cameras
10. Fuel efficient Michelin multi-life tyres

The Truckright Industry Vehicle MkII - the brainchild of Rod Hannifey and Rod Pilon, both of Dubbo, NSW, Australia
The Truckright Industry Vehicle MkII – the brainchild of Rod Hannifey and Rod Pilon, both of Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Rear-steer coaches in Australia

I’ve been following the whole “rear-steer” (or 6×2*4) coach market in Australia for a while…. it’s all thanks to one Scania I know which actually has a “rear-steer” set-up….

Scania K470EB 6x2*4 TV5594 - the first rear-steer coach sold in Australia
Scania K470EB 6×2*4 TV5594 – the first rear-steer coach sold in Australia

I’ll go back to 2007 when this Scania K470EB 6×2*4 was first delivered – it joined the fleet of a highly respected company called Australia Wide Coaches. First registered (SA) XNU346, it then got transferred to Sydney and re-registered TV5594 (livery in the photo below). On the 22nd of January, 2011, it got transferred to Langley’s Coaches in Dubbo, still as TV5594 (livery in the top photo)

2007 Scania K470EB 6x2*4 TV5594 - Australia Wide Coaches livery
2007 Scania K470EB 6×2*4 TV5594 – Australia Wide Coaches livery

Since then, Volvo has joined Scania in offering a rear-steer coach chassis…. the popularity of the rear-steer is increasing in Australia due to the manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The British have had this set-up on their trucks for, well, ages and know the ease of manoeuvrability that a rear-steer offers…. Australian coach operators are now embracing this!