Langley’s Coaches Fleet Profile – Scania K320IB/Higer A30 TV7681

Langley’s Coaches Scania K320IB/Higer A30 TV7681

Today I want to feature the largest 2 axle coach in the Langley’s fleet. This Scania K320IB is a 57 seat charter coach – featuring a Chinese built Higer A30 body, this is a fairly versatile vehicle for all small-medium charters and any local work.

Welcome new followers – and those who have followed me for a while: Part 1

I’d like to welcome all my followers to this, my first blog share and greet! I decided to do this as I would love to profile some new followers and some not so new followers to help get their follows up:

1. A Momma’s View – a Swedish lady’s view on coming to Australia. This is a lifestyle blog from her point of view
2. Lessons from my daughter – an insight into Cri du Chat syndrome. Hosted by Pascale LeBrasseur
3. Fabulous Fare Sisters – hosted by sisters, Linda and Heidi. This blog is their way of sharing some of their amazing recipes
4. Dream Big, Dream Often – hosted by Danny Ray. This blog is there to teach you how to Dream Big, Dream Often
5. Thoughts, Musings and Storytelling – hosted by Wallace Cass. The title sums it up really

That’s just a selection for now – stay tuned for part 2