Some more poetry

Friendships come and friendships go
Just like the flowers grow
But there’s one thing for sure
Our friendship will always bloom

It seems like only yesterday
We were only strangers
Now we’re friends
But this year will be the year

2016 is the year
We will take our friendship further
I have an enthusiastic ear and heart
For you and you alone

A person and their love for animals

Double Dolphin Hug with Bucky and Zippy
Double Dolphin Hug with Bucky and Zippy

I look at this photo
I always almost cry
The pain I feel
Is very real

Every time I am away
It feels as though I am alone
I feel so upset and lost
But I know where you are

I love how excited I get
Knowing I will be visiting
I absolutely love seeing you guys
When I feel low and blue

I love how you single me out
When you see me out and about
I love taking time
Making sure you’re happy

It makes me smile
When you are near me
Because when you are not
I feel lost and alone

Copyright Joe Hupp 2015
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A little poetry for you now – Flying To A Distant Land

QantasLink Bombardier Q400 VH-QOK
QantasLink Bombardier Q400 VH-QOK

I often sit and wonder
What a person goes through
When they say goodbye to a loved one
As they head off on a trip to a far distant land

Do they cry and hug each other tight?
Do they sit with their loved one until their boarding call comes?
Do they think about the times they shared and the times to come?
I often wonder this

I have seen this first hand
On many an occasion
As I have been one of those people
When I have gone to a distant place

I have met people who have been away
And are on their final journey home
I have learnt a lot from these people
Where they’re from and where they have been

As I round out this poem
I offer you some advice
If you plan to travel to a far-away land
Make sure you remember those at home