Magirus-Deutz Trucks – Part 1

Magirus-Deutz Semi Bus
Magirus-Deutz Jupiter trailer bus – photo thanks to Sean Denny

I am very lucky to be of German descent on my late father’s side – so I know a little bit about Magirus-Deutz trucks. Here’s a little bit of information in Part 1 of a 2 part blog series on the other big German truck manufacturer:

1. Magirus-Deutz’s logo is a M with a stylised shape of the spire of the Ulm Cathedral (as you can see in the photo above). Magirus-Deutz trucks were made in Ulm and this is a little bit of the city on the trucks

2. Nickolas Otto founded Deutz – Deutz was the biggest manufacturer of heavy duty air-cooled diesel engines. Although they made diesel engines, this wasn’t always the case! They also made artillery for the German Army during WWII

3. Conrad Dietrich Magirus founded Magirus – Magirus was (and still is) the world’s largest manufacturer of aerial fire-fighting appliances and fire trucks.

4. Magirus and Deutz merged to become Magirus-Deutz – Magirus supplied the cab, bonnet and chassis while Deutz supplied the engine. The gearbox and rear axle(s) came from ZF

5. Magirus and Deutz are still in business as separate businesses to this day!

Stay tuned for part 2 in late August/early September!