Five Positives – 1/11/15

What a day yesterday was – A Day On The Green was fantastic! Here are my five positives for today:

1. Had a ball last night at A Day On The Green – this trip was made that little bit better because of the coach we had going over!
2. I still love the old Detroit Diesel 2 stroke diesel engines – the coach we had going over to A Day On The Green had one (a 8V92TA DDEC)… that sound: MAGIC!
3. I had a few friends to catch up with while I was there – that was amazing!”
4. Remember that your down days will be outnumbered by your up days!
5. Positivity is key when diagnosed with a mental illness – be positive and you will win!

That’s it from me today – stay tuned for more!

Five Positives 31/10/15

Today’s going to be a great day! Here’s my 5 positives instalment for today!

1. I can’t believe the rains are fallin’!
2. Gave a mate a phone call for his birthday – he subsequently invited me to do the next Haulin’ The Hume Vintage Truck Run…. it’s in 2017 and encompasses the old Hume Highway (Highway 31 – the Hume Highway links Sydney in NSW with Melbourne in Victoria and is also known as Sesame Street). This run covers Sydney to Yass…..
3. Medication is doing a great job of keeping me calm – I love the new me!
4. Loving doing this – best thing ever!
5. Looking forward to A Day On The Green…. bring it on!

Closing out with Amarillo by Morning by George Strait – filmed live at the NRG Astrodome in Houston, TX:

Five Positives – 30/10/15

Forgot to do this last night so I am doing it now…. my five positives for Friday!

1. I love having friends who care about me!
2. Today was the end of the first week of my new medication – I feel so much better!
3. I feel absolutely fantastic!
4. Having the urge to stress out has disappeared!
5. Keeping my mind healthy will help me on the road to recovery!

Closing out with Blue Clear Sky from George Strait – this was filmed live at the NRG Astrodome in Houston, TX:

Five Positives – 29/10/15

Tonight, I just want to share the positives from today! I am looking forward to sharing more of these as days go on!

1. I love the thought of being able to travel – travelling is a positive thing for me!
2. Having the ability to type how I feel is awesome – it’s one step on the road to recovery
3. The road to recovery will be slow – I plan on looking forward, not looking back
4. People may look at me weird – but I am me and the me I am will not change
5. I have learnt that music is a good relaxant – I listen to my iPod as soon as I arrive home from work to unwind from the fast-paced environment of work!

With that, I will close out this post with one of my all-time favourite Garth Brooks songs:

Five Positives – 28/10/15

Today, I have been thinking about positivity – here is my positivity for today!

1. I am happy to be here talking about my experiences – I feel better knowing this!
2. I am lucky to have a job – I know a lot of people with anxiety aren’t so lucky
3. I’m lucky to have an amazing family – I have them to turn to if needed!
4. I’m thankful to a lot of people – those people know who they are!
5. I love having this to do daily!

Oh – in breaking news: T -3 days to A Day On The Green (another thing I am thankful for!)

Five Positives – 27/10/15

Today’s positives aren’t positives, per se – I have quite a lot of people I am eternally grateful to and, in no particular order, these people are:

1. Paige Sinclair and her equally amazing team at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia – I booked an in-water Shallow Dolphin Experience back at the end of February and mentioned it was for my birthday…. little was I to know what would be planned between then and the big day….. see for a day to day review of the trip (including the best day of my trip!)
2. My amazing friends – they are all helping me through this horrible time…. I never thought I would see the day I would be diagnosed with depression and anxiety in one package….
3. My employer – if it wasn’t for them back in 2006, I would be very lost and alone….
4. My colleagues – they are as awesome as my employer…. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else rather than with them as they make my days that little bit brighter!
5. My doctor – he is absolutely fantastic! He will make sure there’s no underlying causes of any symptoms before prescribing medications (except this time – we knew what worked last time!)

That’s today in a nutshell – stay tuned for tomorrow!

Five Positives – 26/10/15

I’ve been asked to do a 5 Positives blog entry every day by a friend of mine – here’s day 1!

1. I had a better day at work than I did on Friday – the Eleva is surely helping!
2. I’m grateful to all my friends – especially those I work with, my besties and those that I haven’t met on Facebook! Y’all are the best!
3. I’m thankful I have a person who is willing to help me with any jobs I need done and will not criticise when I screw things up – this person is my mother’s half-brother!
4. I am thankful I have so many positive memories – those memories help me get through on tough days!
5. I’m thankful I have a great doctor – he is so caring, compassionate, understanding and helpful!

Today is almost finished – tomorrow is another day….. another day where my road to recovery continues! Stay tuned to this space for tomorrow’s instalment!