Travel Plans and Booking Flights

Having never booked my own flights before, I was a tad apprehensive when I booked my flights to Melbourne…. but I need not have worried! And here is why….

Booking your own flights is not as bad as it sounds – the ease of which the folks at JETGO make it is a mind easer. All you need to do is select your departure and arrival destinations and dates of flying and go through the booking process providing information as they request it….

JETGO Header page
JETGO Flight Bookings Search Engine

I am flying from Dubbo to Melbourne (Avalon) as a round trip (automatically set as default) and wasn’t flexible with dates so I typed Dubbo into the From box and Melbourne (Avalon) into the To box – the Depart date was 21/8/16 and Return On date was 1/9/16 and 1 adult (12+). Then you go through each section providing information such as passenger details, a contact number and email address (email address is a mandatory field as JETGO uses this email address to forward you your itinerary and E-Ticket) and credit card details for payment. They then confirm your payment and itinerary – you can print off the basic information on the final Confirmation screen as proof of payment.

That’s all there is to it – if you don’t want (or like) to book online, you do have an alternate option. That option is to ring JETGO’s central reservations hotline on 1300328000 within Australia (+61 1300328000 outside Australia)

Honey is honey…….

…or is it??? This is the question I am thinking about at this very second.

One reason I am asking myself this question is I have found a truly authentic tasting honey. It’s from Tasmania and is made from leatherwood flowers. Leatherwood is only found on the north-west coast of Tasmania and can be traced back to the Gondwana days.

R. Stephens Golden Nectar Organic Real Leatherwood Honey

It takes the Stephens family 3 days with two trucks (a semi and a rigid – both Fords) to truck all of their bees (30 million of them to be exact) to the leatherwood forests – it’s quite an arduous journey as it is rough going to get there! If you can, get your hands on a copy of Outback Truckers Series 3 as the Stephens family feature predominately in this show…. if you want to know more about this amazing third generation family apiary, check out

As for the taste, I liken it to a very rich caramel…. the leatherwood creates a very distinct flavour which you pick up after the honey hits your palate. It’s not overpowering but it does accentuate the sweetness….. I highly recommend trying it! You will not be disappointed

Another dream come true….

Yesterday was my birthday – a few kind friends posted over on my Facebook timeline and wished me happy birthday. One friend, however, took a birthday wish to another level and has surprised me with a Redballoon gift voucher for a hands-on flying lesson in a fixed wing aircraft at either Bathurst or Albury – I am going to do this at Bathurst as Bathurst is only a 2hr drive from Dubbo.

It will be another dream come true for me – I have always wanted to try my hand at a fixed wing aircraft. I have done a helicopter lesson but they are a little bit harder….. so excited to be given this opportunity by a friend I have never met! Stay tuned to this blog for a update