A Bullying Lesson

A Momma’s View has hit this right on the head. As a kid, I was frequently bullied and it has affected me…. but I came out stronger than anyone!

A Momma's View

I just finished reading this amazing post here, written by Leslie Blanchard, which I truly wish all of you would read. Not only is it a post about the different ways bullying can occur but about the way we, as parents, need to deal with it.

First thing that comes to my mind if I think about bullying is kids that get physical in order to get something. But there are so many ways. Verbal abuse is for sure up there too. And then there are the little ones, the ones we maybe not even consider bullying. Like ignoring other kids. So many ways to hurt others, right?

“This conversation found me vacillating between heartache and fury, but one thing I knew for sure: Mama was about to put her money where her mouth had been all these years.”

I bet we all agree on this. We need to…

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