Country Music Review: You Made Me Stronger – The Long and Short of It

I had the honour of meeting Patsy Toop and David Baird, the members of The Long And Short of It, while I was in Tamworth. I purchased a copy of their album, You Made Me Stronger and what an album it is!

You Made Me Stronger – The Long And Short Of It
Patsy Toop and David Baird – The Long And Short of It

Songs I really enjoy is Fifty Bucks And A Case of Beer and Latter Day Cowboy – Latter Day Cowboy is a song that I really relate to as it’s the story of a boy who became a truckie.

Now he don’t wear spurs that go jingle
He don’t spend his nights around the fire
It’s diesel oil that his horses require
He is a latter day cowboy
Dressed as a truck drivin’ man
Driving his wheels and his dreams to shine

There’s a lot to like about this duo – Patsy is the Long and David is the Short…. but their musical talent doesn’t stop with their albums. No sir – their live performances are as awesome as their album performances. I had a moment to listen at Tamworth and they rocked their concert – would highly recommend seeing these guys if you can!

Rating: 5/5

In closing this blog, here is the film clip for Latter Day Cowboy:


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