The Scania That Guy Built

This beautiful ex-Swiss LHD Scania R143M 500 is for sale. It’s in the UK and can be your’s – offers over £45,000

Scania 143 - Moody International

So here it is people, the very truck that everyone’s man of the moment refurbished and rebuilt back to new condition is OFFICIALLY for sale. There have been a few rumours floating around on various social media, so lets put those all to bed and say that yes it is for sale. The Grimsby Gangster a.k.a. Mick Moody has confirmed that he is willing to sell his pride and joy….of course for the right money. The truck itself is a genuine left hand drive Scania 143 500 Topline Streamline new on the road in Switzerland in September 1996.

Scania 143 - Moody International

Scania 143 - Moody International

There is a fair amount of pedigree now attached to this truck as it was rebuilt by the one and only, bike racing, mad-haired, Spitfire building, all-round nice bloke, new Fred Dibner, truck mechanic extraordinaire Mr Guy Martin. This has been well documented by everyone and there is even a video of…

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