PTSD Re-traumatization and Self Isolation

I happen to have a friend with PTSD which came from a military scenario….. I completely understand what Annie has written here….


PTSD is a term most people have heard, but often they do not really know what it means.

If you tell someone you have PTSD it is hard for them to know what you mean by that, unless they have it themselves or maybe they have a close friend or family member with it.

People with PTSD have trouble with relationships, but not for the reasons people think.

Once you have been traumatized, and repeatedly re-traumatized, it becomes very isolating.

People with PTSD can be re-traumatized by people who do not understand, and by people who are more concerned with their own agenda than really understanding.

When someone with PTSD has certain triggers, and explains those triggers to someone, it is important that they are validated and respected.

A person that intentionally uses your triggers against you is not someone you can be around at all, or have any kind…

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Upcoming Photo Alert!

I have a photo shoot coming up next week – friends of mine have just completed a project on one of their coaches and I will be profiling it in a very special vehicle profile on here! So excited….. bring it on! As a teaser, here is a photo of said coach:

Little Buddy - Deluxe Coachlines
1988 Austral HRP2 MiniMaster TV8354. Photo courtesy of Michael Langley

The Austral MiniMaster is a very rare coach in that there were only 5 made and all of them ended up going to Deluxe Coachlines in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. This is ex-Deluxe #203 and has been put back into their colours by the Langley family of Dubbo, NSW, Australia. The patriarch of the Langley family, Phil Langley, used to work for them so it was fitting to put this lovely little coach back into their colours

1994 Western Star 5964 NEDKLY

I was very fortunate to be able to photograph this beautiful Ned Kelly themed 1994 Western Star 5964 prime mover (tractor unit) while I was in Tamworth, NSW, Australia recently. The truck is owned by Andrew “Scuzzy” McSweeney of ScuzzTrans Container Transport in Brisbane, Queensland and is used daily on the docks at the Port of Brisbane shifting containers on and off the wharf.

NEDKLY and Wickham Freight Lines’ special Jayne Denham trailer. Jayne is sponsored by both ScuzzTrans and Wickham Freight Lines
NEDKLY outside Tamworth Hyundai in Marius Street


Some of Ned’s mural work
Rear bar, lights, exhausts and mural

Trivia Time

Time for some trivia – this time, it is on dolphins….

My favourite dolphin friend – this is Bella, a Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
  1. Dolphins have between 84 and 116 teeth – but they don’t use them for chewing. They don’t have a gag reflex like humans do so their teeth are only used for gripping and tearing
  2. Dolphins use echolocation to find food and predators – scientists have now proven the teeth in the bottom jaw actually help get the signals back to the brain
  3. In recent times, scientists have actually worked out that the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus – Bella, above, is a Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin) is a separate genus to the Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
  4. Dolphins use a form of camouflage called counter shading – darker top to blend in with the dark depths, lighter bottom to blend in with the shallower water
  5. Related to the lack of gag reflex touched on in point 1, dolphin calves use their tongues to be able to drink milk from their mother. The tongue has frills on the outer edges about a third of the way up and they will fold their tongue into a “straw” which allows the mother to squirt the milk into the calf’s mouth which they then swallow
  6. The easiest way to tell the age of an Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin is to look on their belly – the more spots the animal has, the older it is
  7. Dolphins eat their food head first – if they were to eat it tail first, they would end up with scales lodged in their throat as the scales would lift up and off. Eating it head first lays the scales flat on the body of the fish
  8. If you were to pat a dolphin, chances are you would liken them to a hard-boiled egg without the shell. This is true – they also feel like a wet tyre tube
  9. When a dolphin exhales, the air that is exhaled contains nasal discharge as well as expired air…. the feeling of that is extremely gross!

That’s it from me – feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

Bella and me – hugging (2012)
Me and Bella – hugging (2015)

Tamworth Country Music Festival

At the moment, the largest festival dedicated to country music in the southern hemisphere is happening. The Tamworth Country Music Festival is held in January every year and attracts visitors from across the world….

The Big Golden Guitar – January 2012

The highlight of the festival is the Country Music Cavalcade – the Cavalcade is a parade showcasing singers who are singing songs from the artist who is being featured. In 2014, the Cavalcade featured the late Slim Dusty….

Adam Harvey – brand ambassador for the Volkswagen Amarok. 2014 Country Music Cavalcade
The most amazing Dianne Lindsay – Dianne is the daughter of the late Reg Lindsay and Heather McKean (the sister of Slim Dusty’s wife, Joy). Country Music Cavalcade 2014
Doug McIntyre – 2014 Country Music Cavalcade

I will be in Tamworth on Saturday – stay tuned for a new blog entry for this year!

As a closer, I will be featuring this song from Adam Harvey – this is the latest single from Adam’s latest album, Harvey’s Bar… The Backyard Sessions. This song is called Harvey’s
Backyard Bar:

Langley’s Coaches Fleet Profile – Scania K320IB/Higer A30 TV7681

Langley’s Coaches Scania K320IB/Higer A30 TV7681

Today I want to feature the largest 2 axle coach in the Langley’s fleet. This Scania K320IB is a 57 seat charter coach – featuring a Chinese built Higer A30 body, this is a fairly versatile vehicle for all small-medium charters and any local work.