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Thanks to you five lovely people who have taken the time to comment and leave me positive feedback! I will be back even more active in 2016….


A great day on the river – thanks to Adventure Watersports

Adventure Watersports Dubbo - Logo
For fun on the water – call Gavin or Karla on 0419774906 (image copyright Adventure Watersports 2014)

I had the honour of being able to do my first ever kayak trip on Saturday – and it’s all thanks to Adventure Watersports in Dubbo, NSW.

A wide selection of kayaks are available – single seat, double seat or fishing kayaks are available. Stand-up paddleboards are also available for the more appropriately balanced!

I decided on a single seat kayak – as it was my first time, I signed my waiver form and got instructed on how to use the paddle. Then it was time to get out onto the water…. what a experience it is to be at one with your craft and the environment that surrounds! I paddled up towards Sandy Beach but decided against going right up as there were people up there…. deciding to paddle back downstream, I decided to stop and chat to some guys who were cruising up the river in their tinny. They did ask how I was going which was quite nice of them….

Overall, I had a ball and loved every minute of the time I was on the water…. will be back to do more!

5/5 – staff and equipment
5/5 – equipment tidiness

More of my adventures on the water to come….

Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much

So true…..

Seventh Voice

Art work by Aegis Mario S. Nevado Art work by Aegis Mario S. Nevado

“A ground-breaking theory suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s do not lack empathy – rather, they feel others’ emotions too intensely to cope.”

“People with Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, are often stereotyped as distant loners or robotic geeks. But what if what looks like coldness to the outside world is a response to being overwhelmed by emotion – an excess of empathy, not a lack of it?

This idea resonates with many people suffering from autism-spectrum disorders and their families. It also jibes with the “intense world” theory, a new way of thinking about the nature of autism.

As posited by Henry and Kamila Markram of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the theory suggests that the fundamental problem in autism-spectrum disorders is not a social deficiency but, rather, a hypersensitivity to experience…

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