Depression – The Importance of Self care

Annie has hit the nail on the head with this blog entry on depression…. I sometimes feel this way


Depression wears you down and drains your energy. The amount of energy required to get it together and take a shower is tremendous, nevermind doing anything with our hair and make-up. It feels like we have to literally drag ourselves around to do anything.

Making dinner is an effort so we often don’t eat or just open a can of something or other. We deprive ourselves of proper nutrition because it is too confusing to keep track of that when our own thoughts are consuming us.

Besides the lack of energy, we don’t really see the point in taking care of ourselves. We feel hopeless and worthless and it just seems like it is not worth the effort. It is not like we are trying to impress anyone. There does not seem to be any hope of anything improving in our lives.

We will neglect our personal hygiene like taking…

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Update and Eleva

Hi folks! Sorry I have been slack with the blog recently but here is an update for you all….

It’s been a month since I started taking the Eleva – have I noticed any change? I haven’t been as uptight as I have been in recent times…. I also had my very first session with a mental health social worker today. I found this session to be very beneficial to say the least! I have found some new coping strategies which I can try to use when I need them….

One of these strategies is taking 10 minutes for myself – I have yet to try this but will be doing so from Monday afternoon as I have a fortnight off work (company requested)…..

Stay tuned for more from this journey…..

Time for Some Music Part 12: The BossHoss – Flaming Star

Time to profile The BossHoss – a country band from Germany. This is their song, Flaming Star – this was written by the boys as a promotional song for Mercedes-Benz Trucks and, in particular, their Actros model

Erebus Motorsport V8's Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660LS
Erebus Motorsport V8’s Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660LS
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660LS - the biggest Actros made
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660LS – the biggest Actros made

Here’s a little video showing off an Actros 1860 – video thanks to Erikas Curanovas via Mercedes-Benz Trucks – Trucks you can trust:

Langley’s Coaches Coach Profile: Scania K470EB 6×2*4, Mr. Big

I am starting a series of blog posts to profile some of the coaches in the Langley’s Coaches fleet. Today, I am featuring Mr. Big, a 2007 Scania K470EB 6×2*4.

Scania K470EB 6x2*4 TV5594 outside the Quality Hotel Dickson
Scania K470EB 6×2*4 TV5594 outside the Quality Hotel Dickson

Make/Model: Scania K470EB 6×2*4
Rego: TV5594
Body: Coach Design
Body Number: 521
Body Date: May 2007
Seating Code: C50DT
Notes: “Mr Big” – ex Australia Wide Coaches Pty Ltd, Sydney “Mr Big” (110) TV 5594 by 22/1/11; ex (SA) XNU 346.

This coach has the very big honour of being the first coach sold in Australia as a 6×2*4 (rear-steer) – the rear-steer tag helps with manoeuvring in tight spaces and, in doing so, avoids scrubbing on the tag axle tyres

A person and their love for animals

Double Dolphin Hug with Bucky and Zippy
Double Dolphin Hug with Bucky and Zippy

I look at this photo
I always almost cry
The pain I feel
Is very real

Every time I am away
It feels as though I am alone
I feel so upset and lost
But I know where you are

I love how excited I get
Knowing I will be visiting
I absolutely love seeing you guys
When I feel low and blue

I love how you single me out
When you see me out and about
I love taking time
Making sure you’re happy

It makes me smile
When you are near me
Because when you are not
I feel lost and alone

Copyright Joe Hupp 2015
Email me for use of my poems and motivationals

A Day On The Green Trip Review

Yesterday (31/10/2015) saw me and a group of people make our way over to Mudgee, NSW, Australia for A Day On The Green. Although the day was drab and dismal, the rain held off and we all had a great time!

We left Dubbo a little later than usual because of the weather – but that delay was more than made up for with the coach we had…. we had TV4407 (1988 Denning Decker 92 Turbo – in this case, the 92 Turbo in this coach was a 8V92TA DDEC). Arrived a bit before 2:30pm and had to park… easier said than done on a wet field! Ended up heading down to the coach parking – we stopped for a moment and our coach slid down the grass. Got into the venue and went to sit down and realised I’d taken someone else’s chair – luckily I found the right owner!

Music started and we all got dancing – I didn’t drink as I am on new medication and I did not want to risk getting drowsy and missing the show…. I almost fell over a few times as it was! We enjoyed music from Mark Seymour, Pseudo Echo, Moving Pictures, James Reyne and Icehouse. The highlight for me was Icehouse – they were terrific! It was worth the $160 I spent to go and see an amazing concert!

I left the venue at around 9:20pm and headed back out to our coach – I met up with Adam, our coach captain, who was talking to an old colleague of his who still works for Ogden’s. I got introduced to him and, for the life of me, I couldn’t work out who it was…. I only figured it out after he told me about his project with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Heritage division. I worked out it was a friend of mine on Facebook – mind you, I was so tired I got home and went straight to bed!

All in all, a great day and night and amazing music!

Five Positives – 1/11/15

What a day yesterday was – A Day On The Green was fantastic! Here are my five positives for today:

1. Had a ball last night at A Day On The Green – this trip was made that little bit better because of the coach we had going over!
2. I still love the old Detroit Diesel 2 stroke diesel engines – the coach we had going over to A Day On The Green had one (a 8V92TA DDEC)… that sound: MAGIC!
3. I had a few friends to catch up with while I was there – that was amazing!”
4. Remember that your down days will be outnumbered by your up days!
5. Positivity is key when diagnosed with a mental illness – be positive and you will win!

That’s it from me today – stay tuned for more!