Five Positives – 27/10/15

Today’s positives aren’t positives, per se – I have quite a lot of people I am eternally grateful to and, in no particular order, these people are:

1. Paige Sinclair and her equally amazing team at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia – I booked an in-water Shallow Dolphin Experience back at the end of February and mentioned it was for my birthday…. little was I to know what would be planned between then and the big day….. see for a day to day review of the trip (including the best day of my trip!)
2. My amazing friends – they are all helping me through this horrible time…. I never thought I would see the day I would be diagnosed with depression and anxiety in one package….
3. My employer – if it wasn’t for them back in 2006, I would be very lost and alone….
4. My colleagues – they are as awesome as my employer…. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else rather than with them as they make my days that little bit brighter!
5. My doctor – he is absolutely fantastic! He will make sure there’s no underlying causes of any symptoms before prescribing medications (except this time – we knew what worked last time!)

That’s today in a nutshell – stay tuned for tomorrow!


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