Five Positives – 26/10/15

I’ve been asked to do a 5 Positives blog entry every day by a friend of mine – here’s day 1!

1. I had a better day at work than I did on Friday – the Eleva is surely helping!
2. I’m grateful to all my friends – especially those I work with, my besties and those that I haven’t met on Facebook! Y’all are the best!
3. I’m thankful I have a person who is willing to help me with any jobs I need done and will not criticise when I screw things up – this person is my mother’s half-brother!
4. I am thankful I have so many positive memories – those memories help me get through on tough days!
5. I’m thankful I have a great doctor – he is so caring, compassionate, understanding and helpful!

Today is almost finished – tomorrow is another day….. another day where my road to recovery continues! Stay tuned to this space for tomorrow’s instalment!


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