My first meet and greet

Meet and greet from Lessons from my daughter – let’s go and help Pascale get to know her fellow bloggers!

Lessons from my daughter

I have never hosted a Meet and Greet but here I am.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am thankful for my 395 blog followers. I never thought anyone would read my blog…

I am also thankful for all the amazing blogs I have been reading.

To show my appreciation for all of you, I am trying something new.

“Lessons from my daughter” meet and greet with a twist.

I am not big on rules but here is how I see this going.

1. Like the post

2. In the comments, introduce yourself, put a link to your blog (if you have one) and put a link to a blog you enjoy reading

3. Reblog this post so more people can see it and share their blogs.

4. Come back and discover new blogs

I will visit all the links I will get! Read posts, like them and hopefully find many…

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