Friends – where would I be without ’em?

I am truly blessed to have amazing friends….

My friends have been with me through thick and thin – I would love to bring up something I have learnt about certain friends. Some of my friends are very spontaneous with what they say…. one particular friend is very random with what she says!

Bundy, one half of Tex & Bundy Charity Fundraisers
Bundy, one half of Tex & Bundy Charity Fundraisers

I chose this particular friend (whose arm you can see in the above photo) to accompany me to the V8’s in Sydney late last year – I had realised another friend (who happens to be Bundy’s owner) was going to be in Sydney at the same time…. my friend has a beautiful black Labrador who she was missing. So she asked Tex (who I’ve mentioned here) if she could take Bundy for a walk…. Bundy is the most popular Australian Cattle Dog (Blue) wherever she goes so my friend got the stares as well. Her words, and I quote these verbatim, were, “Dogs are such chick magnets – if I were a lesbian, I would be set!”….. me and a couple of our mutual friends just lost it there and then. That was a totally random moment – felt so embarrassed….. this was on the Sunday.

On the Friday (our hot lap day), we had another spontaneous moment – I told my friend I swore during my hot lap…. my friend proceeded to tell me that she had to pull a wedgie out of her pants under her race suit. I just lost it – you kinda don’t bring that sort of stuff up in public! That night, we had the best day one debrief: a long chat, lots of drinks and dinner.

These are the things that make me realise I have the most awesome friends….. and you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world – and I dedicate this Susan McCann song to those friends who mean the world to me:


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