Olympus E-Series FourThirds DSLR Shutter Release Information

I have been wanting to learn how to find the shutter release count information (which is on the service menu) on my E-620 DSLR – here is how to do it on all E-Series DSLR’s (other than the E-1 and the E-500):

  1. Turn the camera on
  2. Open memory card door – a Card Door Open message appears on the screen
  3. Press MENU and OK at the same time – on the E-1 and E-500, DISPLAY and OK is the key sequence
  4. Press the following keys in this order: Arrow Pad UP, Arrow Pad DOWN, Arrow Pad LEFT and Arrow Pad RIGHT
  5. Press the Shutter Release button
  6. Press Arrow Pad UP again
  7. Press Arrow Pad RIGHT to retrieve page 2 of the service menu
  8. Once you have retrieved your data from the service menu, close the memory card door and the camera will return to normal

Here is what page 2 of the service menu looks like in type:

R: 008434
S: 003162
C: 000001
U: 003983
V: 000626
B: 008069
L: 000000

R = Shutter Release count
S = Flash Fire (on camera) count

There is some really good info online about how to go getting these menus…. here are two I suggest reading:
http://www.apotelyt.com/photo-camera/olympus-shutter-count-ft – this site includes a video on a E-510 (the E-620 is exactly the same)
http://www.biofos.com/cornucop/hidden.html – this one decodes the letters on each screen of the menu


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