The person behind the blog – a little bio

You might be thinking who is behind this blog – it’s time to find out….

I am Joe Hupp, I am 30 years old and I live in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. I work full time at the biggest employer in Dubbo, Fletcher International Exports, as a labourer – in my spare time, I blog, travel and photograph things. Depending on my mood at any given time, I photograph my surrounds, trucks, cars, buses or coaches…..

I also love animals – dolphins and seals are my favourites… dolphins more than seals! This love comes from my first ever dolphin watch cruise off the coast of Port Stephens – I wanted to learn what I could about these majestic creatures after that cruise that I decided to make my first ever journey up to Coffs Harbour to visit Dolphin Marine Magic and do a in-water experience. And didn’t I learn a lot about dolphins – I learnt that we have a very distinct genus of dolphin in our waters. The Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) is only found off the coast of Australia and a few other places…. it was believed that this genus was under the Common Bottlenose Dolphin name (T. truncatus) but was found to be a seperate genus all together back in 1998.

Bella and me - hugging
Bella and me – hugging. This was my first time at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour back in 2012

As I said in my opening paragraph, I love to photograph trucks – I lean more towards the classic and vintage trucks than the modern ones. I prefer the classic and vintage trucks, such as the Foden S21 below, for two reasons: 1) I can show people what trucks were like in the early days of road transport and 2) These trucks are lovingly restored and depict their owner’s love for them. Plus I get many opportunities to photograph trucks I have never seen before – this Foden was a truck I had always dreamt of photographing…. my dream came true at the 2014 Golden Oldies Truck Club Vintage Truck & Tractor Show.

1965 Foden S21 22072H
1965 Foden S21 22072H
White RC42 Road Commander 04642H
White RC42 Road Commander 04642H

The White Road Commander above was another truck I loved photographing – it has a very well-known history as a coal truck down in the Illawarra region of New South Wales…. it was one of three Road Commanders in a 12 truck test fleet owned by Clutha Developments. This particular truck was fleet #117, chassis number TE3220 and is owned (along with 116 (TE3074) and 118 (TE3219)) by Ray Grima, a White Trucks enthusiast from Kyabram, Victoria.

Scania K470EB 6x2*4 TV5594 - the first rear-steer coach sold in Australia
Scania K470EB 6×2*4 TV5594 – the first rear-steer coach sold in Australia
Denning Landseer Super Decker TV5580
Denning Landseer Super Decker TV5580

The coaches above are from my coach portfolio – they are both owned by Langley’s Coaches of Dubbo. The Scania is my favourite coach in their fleet as I have done the most travelling on it. I love coach travel as a way of getting around – I would rather travel by coach than drive (if I could) because you arrive where you are going as fresh as when you got onto the coach!

That’s it from me – if you want to know more, please do not hesitate to ask!

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