Weekly Wind Down – Slim Dusty

This week’s Weekly Wind Down is a tribute to one of Australia’s best country singers, Slim Dusty….. I have selected a few of my favourite songs and here they are in no particular order:

Lights On The Hill: Slim’s wife, Joy, wrote this song from her experiences driving a truck towing a caravan when Slim was on tour. Back then, you used a switch mounted on the floor to dip the headlights from high to low beam and vice versa – this was hard for Joy as she contracted polio as a child:

Indian Pacific: Another Joy McKean song – the Indian Pacific is a train that traverses Australia from Sydney to Perth, a journey of 4352km…. the train’s name comes from the two oceans that are on each side of Australia (Indian on the east coast, Pacific on the west coast):

I’m Married To My Bulldog Mack: a Doug Trevor/Graeme Connors penned song – Graeme wrote many songs for Slim. This is a tribute to one of the best trucks ever built:

That’s your lot for this week – stay tuned for next week’s instalment where I will feature a country artist named Doug Bruce


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